Which Payments processor do You use ?

Selasa, 10 Februari 2009

Every online business needs transaction, and a transaction must be handled securely and could be accepted worldwide.there are a lot of payments processor, such as Paypal,Liberty reserve,e-gold,e-bullion,money bookers etc,The important Things to use the online payments processor is worldwide accepted and easy to use event for dummies.So everybody can use it. the urgency of using online payments processor is because of the growht of Internet business currently. So Payment processor is the important things and should be known by the netter. but I'm still confusing about a good company of handling this. we see from e-gold cases that today many of people leave it, and change to LR and Paypal also the others, but I do not know If LR or Paypal or somethings else payments Processor Company would be like e-gold. I still have money event not much on e-gold. but it can use for doing transaction on the net.maybe the important things for the company is must be credible and proffesional, because this is about trust. this company act like bank in real world,they handle our financial transaction on the Internet.So all about this what's your oppinion ?

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