Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

HYIP is investment program on the internet, it is called High Yield Investment Program so the short is HYIP. If you have some money and want to put your buck to HYIP. you must rethinking first why; you can loosing money from HYIP. Why because this is high risk if you do not ready for this investment just leave it or forget it.
but there are GOOD NEWS from this program your money will grow up fast than your Account Saving on Bank. but you must follow the tips to follow HYIP Program :

1. Read FAQ of HIP Provider

2. Read on HYIP Monitor ( Provide information that HyIP you followed paid or Not)

3. Read the Forum

4. See established of the program

5. Start Small investment

6. Decide Target profit than leave it and searching the other.

Than Good Luck investment.

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