How’s important the online payment processor security?

Sabtu, 09 Mei 2009

How’s important the online payment processor security?

Like Colin Whittaker. As APACS’s Head of Security said that Making online payments secure is not just about fighting fraud – it also makes good business sense. I think it is made sense, online payment is more popular currently especially on the internet world , it is used as business transaction effective and fast. The security is one of the factor to create and feeling save with it. There are many fact for threats that will come on the online transaction those are :
1. Phissing
2. Hacking
3. Data stolen
4. Virus
5. Etc
So the security is the main core to focus on, so that it is involved a lot of sector , department , people and government. they are working together for the success of the security mission one of function like The government is providing the law and regulation and standard of security proved it by government’s certificate or others acknowledgement. the business it self must be prepared for the IT infrastructure to get best system that showing to the customer, and also the Customer it must be carefully on choosing and doing online transaction or electronic transaction.
There Is association or organization in Europe that related with this topic, that they can provide more information needed, if we would like to know more just contact : Association for Payment Clearing Services, Mercury House, Triton Court, 14 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1LQ. Tel: +44 (0)20 7711 6200; Fax: +44 (0)20 7256 5527.
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