A Resort and Golf Holiday

Minggu, 22 Februari 2009

The Jet Set people or extra rich people often spending time of holiday in a resort, There are many best and beautiful resort in the world. I think a best resort must has a golf court, so the visitor can playing golf here. Actually most of resort has golf court with special characteristic and design it depends on the land of location. Golf is an activity the same like a sport activity but currently golf is became a prestigious sport or activity. Some of people doing golf as recreation activity or just relaxing to enjoy the time. Some of people also make golf as means of earning of living. They have each purpose to expressing a golf activities.
In Germany a golf holiday is called “Golfreisen “ it means playing as holiday or vocation activity. Golf business today has rise significantly , of course it follows the golf trend of today. What is the golf business ? it has many form of business such as golf shop , Golf rental , or a resort as provider of golf activity is golf business. The Trend has becoming a habit in several country or continent like in America, Europe , Australia , New zeland event Asia, but in Asia still dominate with middle level society.
If someday all people could playing golf ,this business will be grow up , today golf still becoming a life style, but if golf course already spread out throughout the world in every society and come into a subject in every high school in the world it would be amazing. It can be a good to be golf Industry for instance producing golf tools and equipment also golf material that can support a golf player in any area.
Spending time on golf is making a good health for our body m than we choosing the other activity, beside we can practice our skill of golf. Somebody who has skilled of playing golf it will be good , maybe he or she could be like Tiger Woods.

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