Multiple Streams of Income?

Senin, 01 Juni 2009

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MSI or Multiple Stream of Income is more important recently, because there a lot of factor of economic change situation for these days, at least we can minimize our risk to the financial crisis impact. or event on down economy.
there a lot of opportunities can be choosing out there, but firstly you must think yourself , where am I now ? I mean what current income i use now. then you must decide what alternative source of income that suit for you. If you are employee so you must make compatible it to your working hours.

here I suggest for suitable income alternative like :

1. Try to invest in portfolio Asset like stock,Mutual Fund,Obligation etc ( I know you must get the knowledge first before you get in ) this so risky if you do not know anything about it. Learn from the expert, I mean the best Investor like Warrent Buffet not financial salesman, or commentator.

2. Online making money

this is very flexible time , find the mentor or you find your self on the Internet what should you do for online making money strategy and what to do. but be carefully for scam online making money scheme.

3. Try to make side business that operated together with your relative or friends, or maybe some people doing network marketing.

4. Buy Real Estate and rent it

I think at least you've got 3 source of income it's enough , than think to expand it letter.

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