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Jumat, 12 Juni 2009

There are many ways to do affiliate marketing. Some people will tell you that their method is the only way, but that's simply not true.

Maybe they're trying to sell you their particular system -- and that's OK. And maybe their system even works.

However, there is one virtually fail proof method of doing affiliate marketing the easy way. You are practically guaranteed to make money if you do this consistently.

Some people refer to it as bum marketing. I personally don't like that term. I think the saying arose because it was meant to convey that the strategy is so easy even a "bum" could do it.

Well, Albert Einstein once said "Keep things as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.'

And Albert was no intellectual slouch nor bum.

So, with that said, the #1 strategy to do affiliate marketing the easy way is to:

1) Pick a lifetime income program that pays you for repeat sales for your efforts

2) Set up a website related to that lifetime income program. On that website give good valuable information or do a review of the product; or compare and contrast it against other products on the market. You can even hire a ghostwriter to write this for you if you're lazy or a terrible writer.

3) Contextually add affiliate links to the site. Some Google AdSense if you're into that (personally I am not a fan. I make much more on straight affiliate sales).

4) Then do keyword research (mid and long tail), write articles, and submit them consistently to the article directories. Try to aim for 1 to 3 articles per day and submit them as consistently as you write them.

If you follow this simple process for a couple of months, you WILL make money.

This is a method, again, that some call bum marketing. And it works. However, most bum marketers don't promote lifetime income programs and over time they make some money but when they stop, their income shrivels up.

If you promote lifetime income programs, you really can make long term passive income that keeps coming in month after month....or in my case, year after year.

Welcome to affiliate marketing the easy way!

Dan Ho is the founder of http://www.AffiliateArticleWriters.com, a nearly turn-key training system that applies article marketing to carefully selected lifetime income programs to create significant passive income.

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