Sabtu, 06 Juni 2009

In business there are a lot of factor that must be implemented as entrepreneur has known what should do and not to do,. the aim is to make business grow as a business concept plan before. mismanagement could be a disaster to the business itself. but this is not the only one factor that makes business better.
The strategic planning and implementation should be relevant and synergistic each other. unknown factor or invisible factor should be realized by entrepreneur such as employee problems and other production control. so that the company producing high quality services or products by best price and good distribution. there are 3 concept of company most important department such as :
1. Operational Management
its included General management of daily operating procedure and lead by
general manager or Operational Manager or entrepreneur itself.

2. Marketing Management.
This talking about marketing program and planning strategy marketing that can be
implemented with low cost or budgeted. to reach maximum sales or revenue.

3. Finanance management.
this talking about manage finance like cash flow , income statement , balance sheet or other
accounting report , but this report was made not just a report this should be evaluated on
scheduled to get knowing the company financial position. Remember Cash is the King !

those statement could be implemented factor on small business or individual self employee business.

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