Jumat, 05 Juni 2009

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Corporate is an organization state also the organization how about our family is it organization too ?
If you think that your family is organization , have you run your family Finance like a corporation ? this is not easy but we should be do this why ? the aim is to be better financial problem and any rush spent money happened. may some family has believe that talk about the money is not good, but this is not about good or not good this for e better future of the family itself. so what should be prepare to run family finance like an corporation ,.No it's too big ,. at least like a firms , small firms maybe. Alright I am not a financial expert but this may useful.

1. Talk together and discuss about money management at your family.

2. Be open and trustworthy about the money to yourself and other family members'

3. Be discipline to your self of using money

4. Decide who is in charge to be the inner accountant

5. Published and review you monthly financial report.

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